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Residential outdoor education has huge benefits for school children and young adults alike. Our residential packages form an important part of growing up and preparing for the independence required for their next stage of education we can help to develop learning skills and foster the practical life skills your students need. Our residential package will complement classroom learning by enhancing individual skills development, encouraging self-esteem, building confidence skills all whilst working as a team, overcoming boundaries whilst undertaking challenging but enjoyable outdoor pursuits and generally building on life skills that they can use in their day to day lives.





Choosing one of our Residential packages will give you the benefit of knowing that you will have: 

- A programme tailored to your needs

- A choice of accommodation

- all ideally located to suit our outdoor activities 

- Professional instructors to lead all activities 

- Adventure, team building and bushcraft activities designed to create independent learning

- Choice of evening activities if required

- Self catering or catered packages available




We are fortunate enough to be able to base ourselves from a choice of venues within the Black Mountains and Brecon Beacons National Park, this allows you to make the best choice of venue suited to your needs, keeps costs down as each venue is ideally located to reduce time spent travelling to outdoor activities and can be self catered or catered depending on budgets. Why stick to the same venue each year when you can have the flexibility of experiencing a new area but with the same qualified instructor team?

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